Reasons and Measures for Cement Kiln Supporting Roller Surface Wear
2022-05-18 | Editor:
The supporting roller device bears the weight of the entire rotary kiln (mainly the cylinder, lining brick, heat exchange device in the kiln, material, rolling ring, and gear ring), and enables the cylinder and rolling ring to rotate smoothly on the supporting roller, so the high-endurance supporting roller has become one of the standards to measure the good quality of rotary kiln products.
rotary kiln, cement kiln supporting roller
Due to the harsh working environment of the kiln supporting rollers, the supporting rollers will be worn to a certain extent during the operation of the cement kiln.
1. The cause of serious wear on the surface of the rotary kiln support roller
a.There is a temperature difference between day and night. In some areas, there is a large temperature difference between day and night, but there is no suitable refueling and water adding system. The friction coefficient between the roller and the surface of the roller is artificially increased, thereby accelerating the wear of the roller and the roller. 
b.The poor working environment of the supporting roller, such as more dust, aggravates the wear of the supporting roller, resulting in concave surfaces with different depths. The bearing can not bear the huge thrust formed by the up and down movement of the kiln body, which leads to frequent damage.
2. Treatment method for serious wear on the surface of rotary kiln supporting roller
For the steps and chain degrees that appear after the supporting roller is worn, a simple turning tool holder can be made and fixed on the site, and the surface of the supporting roller can be turned flat by using the rotary power of the supporting roller body. 
The specific operation steps are as follows:
a.Adjust the kiln body of the cement kiln to a fixed position that moves upward or downward, adjust the supporting rollers to the knife-engaging position, and use the upper and lower supporting rollers to bear the moving force of the cylinder.
b.The simple tool rest is made of a thick steel plate, so that the range of the tool rest can meet the requirements, and can be customized according to the width of the supporting roller. 
c.Use the support roller to adjust the fixed screw hole of the screw, fix the tool carrier on the roller seat, and adjust the rotary kiln body speed to a suitable range, so that the tool carrier can move freely before and after, left and right, and use a more appropriate feed amount. The concave surface of the supporting roller is turned flat, and the boss is turned flat so that the supporting roller can meet the original precision requirements.
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