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2022-05-12 | Editor:
The professional large slag pot manufacturer Xinxiang Great Wall Casting (CHAENG) stengthens innovation and adopt the most advanced steel casting technology and software systems in the process of slag pot production, anti-deformation ability is enhanced due to the adoption of integrated casting, we have advanced testing equipment to do the nondestructive test to ensure the internal quality of slag pots.
slag pot manufacturer CHAENG
What's the main sell points for slag pot?
1. Massive users: Our slag pots are the common choices of many large world-renowned steel enterprises like Mittal, Tata, POSCO, Baosteel, etc.
2. Outstanding durability: According to operating conditions, CHAENG slag pot engineers adopt suitable material, customize and optimize the casting technology. That will make the slag pot have the performances of excellent high temperature mechanical properties, good thermal cracking resistance, stable manufacturing process and so on.
3. Excellent casting processes: CCHAENG performs digital simulation of casting process by means of CAE before pouring, to achive the optimization of slag pot casting process.
4. Good appearance: CHAENG is quite skillful at shot blasting and sand blasting to ensure the good appearence of slag pot and improve paint adhesion.
slag pot casting facotry CHAENG

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