Ball mill and sag mill girth gear, trunnion head
2020-09-21 | Editor:

Both the ball mill and the sag mill can process non-metals, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, rare metals, etc., and are divided into dry and wet types to meet the needs of various materials. The structure of the ball mill and sag mill is similar. In the rotary system, the composition of the two mills is basically the same, and both are composed of feeding, cylinder, and discharging departments.

For many years, CHAENG has customized the cast steel girth gear, trunnion, head, and other mechanical parts of ball mills and sag mills for domestic and foreign customers.

Ball mill and sag mill girth gear

CHAENG has a wealth of experience in the production of large-scale rotary kiln and ball mill spare parts. The CHAENG girth gear adopts a professional heat treatment process in the casting. The structure of the gear ring is optimized, the hardness is improved, and the wear resistance and impact resistance are greatly improved.

ball mill sag mill girth gear

Ball mill and sag mill trunnion head

CHAENG adopts high-strength steel material for ball mill and sag mill trunnion head and adopts professional heat treatment technology to improve the hardness of the trunnion and increase the impact resistance.

ball mill sag mill trunnion head

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