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2020-05-22 | Editor:
The ball mill head is the main part of the ball mill. Because of the change of the wall thickness, the defects of shrinkage cavity and porosity are easy to appear at the lower small flange journal and the upper bell mouth journal, which seriously affect the product quality, and become the most important problem that restricts the production and delays the delivery time.
CHAENG has increased innovation in the production of ball mill head. The ball mill head produced by it have short casting time, long service life and high product quality.
ball mill head end cover
ball mill trunnion head
1. CHAENG has four large-scale natural gas heat treatment furnaces, and adopts special heat treatment technology to improve the hardness of the mill head and greatly enhance the impact resistance.
2. The ball mill head produced by CHAENG is made of high-quality steel material. Under the strict casting standard of great wall cast steel, the quality of the mill head is greatly guaranteed by avoiding the formation of pores, sand holes and cracks on the mill head.
3. CHAENG has an advanced casting team, which can produce ball mill heads with short production cycle.
4. CHAENG strictly inspects the ball mill heads to ensure the quality of each product.
Customer case:
CHAENG maintains a long-term cooperative relationship with a large cement plant in Xinjiang.
The heads of the ball mills of this factory were damaged to varying degrees and needed to be replaced in time. The professional team of CHAENG customized a batch of suitable ball mill heads for them. During the later visits, the ball mill heads operated normally. The company said CHAENG has a professional casting technology and a fast production cycle, which has greatly reduced the losses caused by the shutdown. Now, the ball mill heads are running normally without any quality problems.
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