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2019-02-25 | Editor:
The rotary kiln riding ring, also known as the rotary kiln tyre, is one of the main components on the rotary kiln equipment. The function of the riding ring is to transfer the entire gravity of the cylinder (including the gravity of the refractory bricks, internal devices and materials) to the supporting roller, and make the cylinder smoothly rotate on the supporting roller, so the kiln tyre must have sufficient strength and durability; at the same time, the riding ring is a part that strengthens the radial rigidity of the cylinder, so sufficient rigidity should be ensured.
rotary kiln riding ring
CHAENG has many years of experience in processing large-scale accessories for rotary kiln. The rotary kiln riding rings produced by it have been sold to Henan, Guangxi, Zhejiang and other provinces in China, and have been purchased and used by many well-known overseas companies in Italy, Turkey, Kazakhstan and others.
kiln riding ring
 Advantages of CHAENG rotary kiln riding rings: 
1.CHAENG uses ZG45 and ZG42CrMO material, which can guarantee the strength and toughness of rotary kiln riding ring, so as to play a better supporting role.
2.CHAENG adopts advanced two-medium quenching process to process uniformly every part of rotary kiln riding ring, so that CHANEG rotary kiln tyre has high hardness and high toughness and good wear resistance, can adapt to a variety of harsh working environment.
3.CHAENG rotary kiln riding ring has simple structure which is easy for routine maintenance.
4.CHAENG can produce a variety of rotary kiln riding ring according to the customer's drawings. The optimized technology and excellent quality can ensure that rotary kiln produced by CHAENG matches well with the original rotary kiln.
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