Advantages of CHAENG coal mill bearing chocks
2020-09-16 | Editor:

The bearing chock is one of the key parts of the coal mill, which bears the non-uniform impact of various materials on it. Therefore, the selection of the bearing chock of the coal mill is particularly important. According to the role and requirements of the bearing chock in the entire coal mill, the bearing chock must have high strength and wear resistance, and damping performance. CHAENG is a professional large-scale steel casting manufacturer in China, which can customize bearing chocks of coal mills with a unit weight of more than one ton.

coal mill bearing chock

Three reasons to choose CHAENG coal mill bearing chocks:

1. Good material, high abrasion resistance

The bearing chock manufactured by CHAENG is made of SCW480. After practical inspection, the bearing chock produced by it can still be stable and effective in long-term and high-load operation, with less loss.

2. Complete monitoring equipment, real-time control of the operating status

CHAENG bearing chock sets the oil level observation scale, which makes the staff be able to observe the oil level situation, timely replenish the oil, to prevent accidental damage caused by lack of oil lubrication.

3. Reasonable structure, conducive to long-term stable operation

The outer top sleeve of the bearing is removed to prevent dust from entering the bearing box, ensuring the service life of the bearing and reliable operation.

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