Why CHAENG's casting parts are well received by cement plant customers
2020-08-31 | Editor:

During the daily use and operation of vertical roller mills, ball mills, rotary kilns and other equipment, affected by external load, internal stress, wear, corrosion and natural erosion, etc., the equipment components will be worn and damaged to a certain extent, which will make the equipment production capacity decreases, the consumption of raw materials and power increases, the quality of products decreases, and even personal and equipment accidents are caused. Therefore, the regularly overhaul and replacement of equipment accessories should be carried out to ensure safe and efficient production operations.

CHAENG has a large steel casting bases and parts assembly bases, with strong casting and processing capabilities. It can provide cement plant spare parts mill such as grinding rollers, grinding tables, rocker arms, girth gear, ball mill trunnion, ball mill head, bearing housing, rotary kiln tyre, support roller, etc.

How does CHAENG serve customers?

casting girth gear production
girth gear manufacture

1. Reliable quality of steel castings

It has perfect casting equipment, follows the national standard level-2 flaw detection standard, and implements a strict non-destructive testing system to ensure the reliable quality of steel castings.

2. Personalized customization, one-stop processing

Integrating the research and development, production, processing and assembling of steel castings, the casting technology can be rationally optimized according to the individual needs of customers.

3. Short delivery time

A strong technical team, meticulous production plan, tailor-made raw material purchase channels, and complete logistics system shorten the delivery time of cement plants.

4. Factory direct sales, low price

Casting and processing equipment parts are directly sent to customers without passing through intermediate sales channels, avoiding the high prices caused by layered price increases, saving production costs and reducing burdens for customers.

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