The technical features of CHAENG large cast steel bearing chock
2020-08-28 | Editor:

As we all know, bearing chock is an important part to fix the bearing and carry the weight and rolling bearing and plays the role of support in the entire bearing component.

rolling mill gearing chock
coal mill bearing chock

CHAENG specializes in the production of cast steel bearing chocks with a unit weight of more than one ton. What are the unique production and technical characteristics of CHAENG bearing chock?

1.Customized according to drawings

The process can be improved according to the drawings and the performance that needs to be met, and finally, the desired effect can be achieved.

2.Strict internal quality requirements

The force condition of cast steel bearing chock is complicated, so the quality must be reliable and the performance must be excellent. CHAENG improves the inherent quality of cast steel bearing chocks by improving the metallurgical quality of molten steel, reasonably setting risers, heat treatment, and other process plans.

3.Short casting cycle

At present, the casting process technology is becoming more and more mature, especially the application of digital simulation technology can well foresee the problems that may occur in the casting process of steel castings such as cast steel bearing chocks, and improve the process in response to the problems. Therefore, the casting defects of steel castings are reduced greatly, and the casting construction period is shortened.


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