Advantages of CHAENG jaw crusher swing jaw
2020-09-04 | Editor:

Jaw crushers are mainly used in mining, cement, chemical and other industries. The swing jaw is one of the components on the large jaw crusher. CHAENG has mature casting technology and can customize high-quality large-scale swing jaw of jaw crusher for customers. CHAENG selects the good carbon steel and silico-manganese steel materials. The swing jaws produced by CHAENG are more wear-resistant and have a long service life. They are highly favored by customers.

jswing jaw of jaw cruhser

Advantages of CHAENG swing jaw for jaw crusher:

1.CHAENG uses a wooden model, and the surface of the core is brushed with a special coating layer to prevent cracking, ensuring that the surface of the casting is smooth.

2.The wear-resistant swing jaw adopts high-quality scrap steel raw materials and auxiliary materials, and strictly examines the composition.

3.During the smelting, three samplings are carried out before the furnace, after the furnace, and the as-cast state, and are tested with a German spectrometer to ensure that the composition is qualified.

4.CHAENG uses a special heat treatment process to increase the service life and deformation resistance of the swing jaw.

5.CHAENG is equipped with advanced and complete testing equipment, including: German imported direct reading spectrometer, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic particle flaw detector, hardness tester, universal tensile force, impact testing machine, metallographic analyzer, and can perform UT, MT non-destructive testing and chemical Detection of composition, metallographic structure, mechanical properties, etc.

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