CHAENG high-quality casting framework for crushers
2020-09-08 | Editor:

The framework is the skeleton structure of large-scale crushers such as cone crushers and jaw crushers, supporting all the working parts of the equipment, and its structural design has a great impact on production. CHAENG continuously sums up its casting experience and improves its process technology, and produces cruhser frames with better performance and longer service life.

cone crusher framework
casting crusher framework

Product advantages:

1.CHAENG can produce various types of frames for cone crushers, impact crushers, jaw crushers according to drawings.

2. CHAENG adopts high-strength steel and optimizes the frame for the operating characteristics of the crusher, which greatly enhances the impact resistance and wear resistance of the frame and extends the service life.

3. CHAENG can provide a complete set of product solutions to meet the professional and personalized product needs of customers.

Customer case:

A Russian customer has been purchasing CHAENG's crusher frames since 2012. The customer said that the crusher frames produced by CHAENG are fully compatible with their large-scale crushers, and their wear resistance, quality and service life are all better than the original supplier, CHAENG has always been their trusted partner.

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