CHAENG ball mill head images & advantages
2020-05-09 | Editor:
CHAENG is experienced in manufacturing various types of ball mill head according to users' drawings. The ball mill spare parts made by CHAENG have been purchased by many cement enterprises and mining companies.
The pictures of CHAENG ball mill head:
CHAENG ball mill head
ball mill head steel casting
ball mill head manufacturer
Advantages of CHAENG ball mill head:
1. High-quality raw materials, mature technology
Use high-quality raw materials and mature technology to guarantee the quality. CHAENG has a wealth of experience in manufacturing ball mill, in the production process, we continue to adopt new technologies and new process to enhance its wear resistance and pressure performance. Our advanced level-2 flaw detection equipment can detect the interior of the ball mill head accurately to assure the quality.
2. Components are sealed well, no leakage problem
CHAENG mill feed head can be produced for a specific device, making adjustments to a certain degree to make end cove joint better with feed components without gaps, to prevent material leakage problem.
3. Stable operation, long service life
CHAENG ball mill head adopts high-strength steel, and its structure is optimized by professional engineers according to the operation characteristics of ball mill, to greatly ensure the long-term operation stability and prolong the long service life.
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