CHAENG upper and lower crossbeams for ceramic press exported to Italy
2017-08-25 | Editor:
Product: Upper and lower crossbeams for ceramic press
Product Material: ZG270-500
Weight: 10-70t
Application: Ceramic machine, press machine
Exported to: Italy

The upper and lower crossbeams for ceramic press are the main accessories of the ceramic machine and the press machine. The upper and lower beams of the Great Wall Steel Casting are processed by reasonable technology. After being appraised by the experts at all levels, the beams are proved that the bearing capacity is large, the structure is unique and the quality is good. CHANEG beams is good option for press machine, ceramic machine, currently widely used in the well-known Chinese press machine manufacturing process, and exported to Italy and other countries.
Italian ceramics is world-famous and known as the "wind vane" of world's ceramic tiles. SACMI company, a large ceramics manufacturers in Italy, purchased base frame and movable beams from Great Wall Steel Casting, and spoke highly of their good quality and fast delivery time.

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