“A Slag Pot Modeling Method” of CHAENG has been authorized by invention patent
2020-07-13 | Editor:
On July 6, CHAENG's invention patent "A Slag Pot Modeling Method" was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office.
slag pot patent of CHAENG
Slag pots have always been the competitive products of CHAENG. CHAENG has been focusing on the production of slag pots for more than 10 years. With long service life and high cost performance, there are more than 50 types and more than 1,000 finished slag pots sold all over the world, the market performed well and won a good reputation! This patent authorization protects a molding method of the CHAENG slag pot, which further reflects the uniqueness and advantages of the CHAENG slag pot casting.
Since the establishment of the company, it has always attached great importance to technological innovation and development. It has accumulated more than 300 technological innovation projects in terms of technological innovation, process optimization, energy saving and consumption reduction, quality improvement, and efficiency improvement, of which more than 80% have been implemented and achieve achieved good results. And the authorized patents have also been actively applied to many products and projects, providing strong technical support for the company's technological innovation and high-quality products.
slag pot producer
slag pot fabrication
The company will continue to increase technological research and development, actively carry out technological innovation work, based on technology, based on quality, to reach the industry leading level in the field of large steel castings, master the initiative of competition and development, and accelerate the technological achievements applications, support and promote the company's high-quality development.
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