Girth gear for limestone ball mill - how CHAENG to make high quality large gears
2019-01-19 | Editor:
ball mill girth gear
CHAENG has many years of experience in processing large girth gears for cement ball mills and limestone ball mills. In order to extend the service life of ball mill girth gears, CHAENG has studied a detailed processing plan, and every detail requires perfection to ensure the quality of cast steel girth gears. The following are suggestions for the processing of large cast steel gears by CHAENG:
First, in the optimization design of the ball mill girth gear parameters, in order to improve the bending strength of the gear, a larger gear modulus is selected within the scope of the condition. To avoid the increase of the girth gear load due to the increase in output, equipment aging, product change and other factors during the use of the ball mill, the safety factor should be greater than the critical value, so it is important to improve the machining accuracy and installation accuracy of the girth gear.
Secondly, increase the radius of curvature of the fillet at the gear root transition, eliminate the machining tool marks, and pay attention to the detection and elimination of internal defects. Increase the rigidity of the shaft and the support to improve the installation accuracy and avoid large vibration and eccentric load.
Then, choose the material and heat treatment method reasonably. Eliminate the fine cracks and residual stresses generated during processing and heat treatment, especially during grinding the gears. Correctly select the material, hardness and grinding process parameters of the grinding wheel to avoid grinding cracks.
Finally, CHAENG recommends customers who use ball mill girth gears to properly use the ball mill, maintain good lubrication of the gear, choose the right viscosity of the lubricant, and regularly change the lubricant to avoid the broken teeth caused by wear. Conclusion in summary, if we strictly control the design, material selection, manufacturing, installation and use of ball mill girth gears, we can largely avoid the occurrence of broken teeth.
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