Cement ball mill spare parts upgrade support
2019-01-24 | Editor:
CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) offers customized processing services for companies that upgrade and replace cement ball mill spare parts.
Girth gear:
Diameter: 3m-12m
Process: Steel casting

Ball mill trunnion
Weight: 5-30T
Process: Steel casting

Ball mill end cover
Weight: 5-30T
Process: 5-30T

Bearing housing
Weight: 2-20T
Process: Steel casting

Process characteristics of CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) cement ball mill spare parts:
1. Design the process according to customer drawings and requirements.
2. Use CAE software to simulate and optimize the casting process.
3. Strictly control the chemical composition of molten steel in the furnace, before into the furnace and after out of the furnace.
4. Advanced heat treatment technology to improve wear resistance.

CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) has customized a large girth gear with a diameter of 7.3 meters and material of GS34CrMo4 for Turkish customers, which has been highly praised by customers.
ball mill girth gear
The ball mills of Great Wall Machinery (CHAENG) are used in well-known cement enterprises at home and abroad such as Xinjiang Tianshan Group and Henan Mengdian Group. The matching ball mill trunnion are all produced by Great Wall Cast Steel (CHAENG).
ball mill trunnion
CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) wear parts are sold to Japan, and the bearing housing fully meets the requirements of the Japanese company.
bearing housing
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