Price of steel casting girth gear for ball mill
2018-05-14 | Editor:
ball mill girth gear
CHAENG is experienced in manufacturing steel casting girth gear for ball mill and rotary kiln according to drawings. When customers ask our servicers for product information, “how much is it” is the most popular question.Then what is the price of steel casting girth gear? We can’t answer the question immediately when customers ask, because it doesn’t have a standard answer. 
Only the customer has provided the specific structure drawings confirming the material, the single weight, the technical request, the project location and so on, can we provide the quotation. Because the price is different according to different specification requirements. 
girth gear casting
Making Process of CHAENG steel casting girth gear
Before casting, CHAENG numerically simulates the casting process by means of CAE software to analyze the molding process, predict and optimize the product quality.
Base on the requirements of customers, CHAENG selects appropriate wooden mold for modeling design.
Strictly according to the process procedures to produce high-quality girth gear: wood mold - modelling - pouring - heat preservation - out of the pit, sand cleaning - heat treatment - roughing, finishing - packing and delivery. 
We use advanced detection equipment for non-destructive testing to ensure the quality. CHAENG steel castings can meet level-two flaw detection standards.
ball mill gear process
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