Damage and treatment of ball mill end cover
2018-11-07 | Editor:
ball mill end
First, the damages of the ball mill end cover
1. The ellipticity error or the cylindricity error of the ball mill end cover is too large, and the surface has deep concave-convex marks, so that cracks or holes appear.
2. The end cap is axially cracked, and the crack extends from the center position to both ends in the axial direction, and penetrates the trunnion shaft wall in severe cases. Normally, the crack is not perpendicular to the center, but an irregular diagonal line.
3. The inner hole of the ball mill end cover is seriously worn, the diameter of the inner hole becomes larger, and the maximum wear amount can be more than 50%.
Second, damage analysis of ball mill end cover 
After long-term operation of the ball mill end cover, the end cover will naturally wear due to material fatigue, and occasional improper maintenance will also increase the wear of the end cover, such as a small amount of material entering between the inner hole of feed end cover and the rotating barrel, which will cause serious wear of the inner hole of the end cover. Wear to a certain extent, if not found and repaired in time, it will cause cracks, holes, etc., affecting the continuous operation of the ball mill.
Third, the treatment method of ball mill end cover damage 
Repair of the worn part of the ball mill end cover journal:
1. Remove the end cover or mill head and place it on a large vertical lathe for turning and repairing. When there is a crack in the journal of the end cover, the crack should always be found (all cracks can be found by means of scratching and visual observation, including some hidden cracks), and repaired by the repair welding method before turning. The specific accuracy requirements are determined according to the original drawings.
2. After the welding, attach the temporary support and the tool holder to the processing and repair, or use the original journal support for processing and repair. That is, the preferred part of the journal is selected as the main bearing surface, which is turned, and the machined surface is used as the supporting surface to perform turning on the opposite side.

If you are planning to replace your ball mill end cover, CHAENG can supply the steel casting end cover according to your drawings. 
ball mill end cover
Advantages of CHAENG ball mill end cover:
1. High-quality raw materials, mature technology
Use high-quality raw materials and mature technology to guarantee the quality. CHAENG has a wealth of experience in manufacturing ball mill, in the production process, we continue to adopt new technologies and new process to enhance its wear resistance and pressure performance. Our advanced level-2 flaw detection equipment can detect the interior of the end cover accurately to assure the quality.
2. Components are sealed well, no leakage problem
CHAENG feed cover can be produced for a specific device, making adjustments to a certain degree to make end cove joint better with feed components without gaps, to prevent material leakage problem.
3. Stable operation, long service life
CHAENG ball mill end cover adopts high-strength steel, and its structure is optimized by professional engineers according to the operation characteristics of ball mill, to greatly ensure the long-term operation stability and prolong the long service life.

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