Cast steel slag pot manufacturer CHAENG - how to guarantee the high quality
2020-10-16 | Editor:

The slag pot is the necessary equipment used in metallurgical steelmaking plants. It needs to be produced through dozens of processes, and each process will have an impact on the quality of the slag pot.

The cast steel slag pots and ladles produced by CHAENG have been recognized and praised by customers at home and abroad. Here's how CHAENG to produce high-quality slag pots and ladles:

1. Optimized pouring: special part requires special treatment. Before casting, use software CAE to simulate the casting process, and analyze the molding process. The casting process is continuously optimized.

2. CHAENG has a professional polishing team, as well as large-scale shot peening equipment, which can effectively improve the appearance quality of the slag pots and ladles.

slag pot manufacturing

3. The customer's needs has always been our pursuit. CHAENG slag pot engineers adopt suitable material, customize and optimize the casting technology according to actual operating conditions. So CHAENG slag pots have excellent high-temperature mechanical properties, good thermal cracking resistance, stable manufacturing process, and so on.

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