CHAENG cast steel nodes play roles on the 2022 Asian Games
2018-09-05 | Editor:
On September 2, 2018, the Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, was successfully concluded. Hangzhou of China received the baton of the 2022 Asian Games from Jakarta. 
cast steel nodes for stadium
In 2022, the 19th Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou, China. The relationship of CHAENG and the Asian Games is from the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center which is the main venue of the Asian Games. Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center is one of the largest sports centers in the country, with 80,000 fixed audience seats.
Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center is a special and extra-large sports building project. The steel structure shed is shaped like lotus flower petal. There are many rods between the petals and the petals that meet at the nodes. The node structure and stress state are more complicated with the characteristics of large size, high material strength and heavy weight. Therefore, it is necessary to find a large casting manufacturer with advanced casting equipment and mature casting technology as a supplier of the cast steel nodes.
cast steel nodes for construction
In 2013, after many comparisons, the construction team of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center found CHAENG for the cast steel nodes construction. On the one hand, CHAENG has advanced flaw detection equipment, and the level of flaw detection can reach Grade II. On the other hand, CHAENG has many successful cases in the field of cast steel nodes processing.
We are very honored to be involved in such a large building construction and make a contribution to the Asian Games. I wish the Asian Games in 2022 to achieve beautiful results in such a beautiful venue. CHAENG will continue to strive to provide high quality large steel castings for more customers.
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