Cast Steel Node
ApplicationLarge-span structural steel of pipe truss
Cast steel node now is widely used in large span space pipe truss of steel structure due to its excellent properties of easy machining and complex various construction forms It owns the unique advantage, especially in the construction of many complex joint parts Nowadays, cast node is widely applied in the railway stations, high-speed railway stations, airport buildings and stadiums construction
1. The cast node is made by our particular heat treatment technology which can make its structure optimized and improve its hardness and enhance its wear-proof and anti-impacting properties. 

2. The intersecting body where steel pipes get together is molded directly, it makes the cast node bear more reasonable load, the overall cast node becomes more stable to overcome the harmful impact on overall cast node due to the strong stress caused by a large number of centralized weld.


Quality Assurance

The fabrication route is governed by the provisions of the implemented Quality System ISO 9001: 2000. The standard documentation ensures the full traceability of every process step:

• Manufacturer test certificates according to DIN EN 10.204 § 3.1 including chemical composition, mechanical properties and non-destructive examination;

• Dimensional check supported with a “as-built“ sketch;

• Record of the heat treatment chart

The steel casting nodes made by us were applied to many domestic large-scale airports, stadiums etc. such as the second-phase project of Xinzheng International Airport, especially the use in Fuzhou Olympic Sport Center whose carrying capacity is maximum in Asia, which shows that our product quality is reliable.

The huge Cast Steel Nodes manufactured by us were successfully applied in Fuzhou Olympic Sport Center with the largest capacity in Asia.

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