Application requirements of slag pot in steel plant
2022-06-09 | Editor:
There are many specifications and requirements for the use of slag pots in steel plants. Here are some of these specifications and regulations to introduce to you. What problems should be paid attention to when using slag pots?
1. Before using the slag pot, it is necessary to confirm that there is no one on the road and there is no vehicle before operation.
2. After the slag pot is filled with steel slag, the vehicle must be lifted gently, and the surrounding personnel should be called away when the vehicle is running.
3. Remember to use dry slag to pad the slag pot instead of wet slag to avoid firing.
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4. Before starting the slag tanker, it is necessary to check whether the wires are damaged to prevent the wires from being exposed and electric shock.
5. The red slag can be kept for about 16 hours in winter and about 24 hours in summer. It is better to prolong the time, but it is not suitable for too long. It is necessary to ensure that it is completely solidified and then folded. It can prevent the liquid slag from flowing out, causing serious fire accidents caused by firing guns.
6. It is completely forbidden to break the slag pot on a damp site or a relatively damp object.
7. When digging the cement pool, it is forbidden to pass through the upper part of the slag pool and put the mud into the slag pool.
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