Danish company purchases grinding roller for vertical mill from Great Wall
2017-05-24 | Editor:
Product: Grinding roller for vertical mill
Material: ZG30Mn
Weight: 10-40 tons
Supply to: Danmark Vertical Mill Co
Cooperation period: 2011-Now

grinding roller

Grinding roller is the core component of vertical roller mill. It needs high wear resistance and reliability for long time running. Therefore, the casting material has many components and the casting process is relatively complicated.

Denmark Vertical Roller Mill Corporation is a large multinational company specializing in cement plant equipment. It has a large grinding rolls demand, at the same time the requirements of quality process of grinding roller is quite strict. Great Wall Steel Casting can not only meet their casting quality requirements, but also can meet their welding and finishing demands. So, Great Wall becomes a main supplier of vertical mill gring roller for Denmark Corporation.

Since 2011, Great Wall Steel Casting has supplied Denmark Vertical Roller Mill Corporation with grinding rollers which comletely satisfy their standard and requirements from quality, performance and delivery.

From the experimental production to the formal supply, Great Wall has established a close strategic partnership with Denmark Corporation. Through many cooperation and communication in casting, Great Wall worked out a set of pecific production plan for grinding roller. Now, Great Wall Steel Casting has also become the Danish Corporation's best suppliers, and participated in Denmark Corporation annual meeting, new product promotion meeting  many times, to share international new achievements and new technologies at the first time.
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