Vertical Column of Rolling Mill
Weight5-20 t
Applicationceramic machine, whole set accessories of friction screw press
The press column is the major part of ceramic machine and friction press Our company has two sets of 30 tons alkaline arc furnace and 4 sets large nature gas heat treatment stove We adopt arc air gouging on the steel finishing so that we can guarantee the castings surface and quality
1. Our company uses special heat treatment technology. So it greatly improves stamping press column hardness.

2. The presses column is made from high strength steel material, which makes sure the stability for long time working and prolongs the parts working life.

3. Our company has strong production capability in steel castings. We can provide steel castings in large quantity with short casting period.

After years of development, steel casting products have been sold to province of  Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang etc.. In recent years, Italy and other country customers are attracted to visit our company because of our advanced casting technology and high product quality.

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