ceramic press moving beam
MaterialASTM: 1035 / DIN: CK35
ApplicationBrick press, ceramic tile press etc.
Moving beam bears the exporting force from plunger of cylinder and the counter force from compression work piece of hammering block, and it is the main load-carrying component of forging press and ceramic tile press, meanwhile, its stiffness has a directly influence on the molding precision of the forging press Therefore, how to make the ram’s stiffness and strength meet the design requirement is the key technology for the large-scale forging press design

1.The topological optimization analysis for the moving beam is used by us during the production, and we can finally obtain the outstanding design scheme.

2.We own the advanced inspection equipment, such as flaw detector, universal strength testing machine etc. to ensure the ram quality greatly. 

1.With excellent quality, the moving beam made by us were widely sold to the province of Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and exported to Italy.

2.A famous brick machine manufacturer in Jiangsu who purchased the moving crossbeam produced by us to assemble their brick machine, the machine is running steadily up to now.


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