Forging press clamp arm
Weight8-50 Tons
Applicationforging press, forging machine
The clamp arm is one of the key components of forging machine operating system, mainly used for clamping the workpiece to cooperate with the host to complete the billet, upsetting, drawing long, finishing and other forging process
1. CHAENG uses high-quality No. 45 steel to produce forging machine clamp arm. If customers have special requirements for the mechanical properties of cast steel material, CHAENG can also customize special process, to meet the needs of individual customers;
2. CHAENG can produce 132t blank at most, and design the casting process according to the structure and technical standard of different castings.
3. Advanced testing equipment to ensure the quality control of castings; sandblasting equipment to greatly improve the surface quality of the casting; has 9 years of experience, can produce steel castings of various types; can give professional guidance and answers to customer problems.
4. CHAENG flaw detection can reach level-2, the main detection technology is: ultrasonic flaw detection (UT), magnetic particle inspection (MT), PT (color flaw detection). Generally level-3 flaw detection can be achieved, and the key parts can reach level-2 flaw detection.
In recent years, the domestic forging industry leading enterprises, through cooperation with the the Great Wall steel, completely solve the problems encountered with forging machine clamp arms procurement in the past. After many investigations, the company selected the CHAENG to provide the forging machine clamp arm.
The good service attitude and the reliable product quality of CHAENG make the clamp arm be used in the manufacture of forging equipment in many famous enterprises at home and abroad.
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