How does CHAENG improve steel casting manufacturing quality
2021-05-08 | Editor:
Steel castings manufacturing processes are complicated that every step needs strict controls, for each small error can affect product quality. Then, how does CHAENG guarantee the quality of steel casting products?
Heavy bearing housing steel casting manufacture
heavy casting bearing chock
1. The use of quartz sand and high-quality coatings can improve the refractoriness of the mold and prevent the occurrence of sticky sand defects.
2. The use of low-temperature quick pouring and supplementary pouring riser technology improves the internal quality of the product.
3. Welding workers must have a professional skill certificate and perform the operation in accordance with the prescribed welding process.
4. A set of quality responsibility systems should be formulated, and people should be accountable according to the system, and certain rewards and punishments should be provided to ensure that each process of the hollow shaft of the ball mill can be in a controlled state.
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