The slag pot produced by the CHAENG is of good quality and has a short construction period!
2019-08-13 | Editor:
The slag pot is a necessary equipment used in the steelmaking plant. It is used to hold the high-temperature slag in the process of iron and steel smelting. The bowl-shaped container with trunnions on both sides has a grille for cutting the container into several pieces. The height of the grille is about three hundred millimeters below the mouth.
Because the grid cutting effect can separate the slag, and then it is transported to the drop hammer workshop and then poured out to carry out the cooling dross, which will be easily broken. In many cases, the dross is broken into the size of the grille. The slag treatment efficiency is improved, the treatment cost is also reduced, and the slag can be conveniently and quickly entered into the furnace component and scale specification.
Slag pot produced by CHAENG:
1.The production cycle is short and the quality is guaranteed;
2.The service life is 20% higher than the market;
3.Strong resistance to deformation,will not easily deform;
4.Cost-effective, reliable quality.
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