Combined use of various nondestructive testing methods to control the quality of heavy castings
2020-07-09 | Editor:
Non-destructive testing is to use acoustic, opto-magnetic and electrical characteristics to inspect the surface and inside of objects for defects or cracks that affect quality without damaging the working performance and integrity of the object or material, and give the location, size, nature, quantity distribution status and other information of the defect, so as to improve the manufacturing process, reduce manufacturing costs, improve product reliability, and ensure the safety of equipment.
Non-destructive flaw detection technology is widely used in steel casting inspection because of its advantages such as non-destructive, comprehensive, and full-range, especially its non-destructive characteristics. Commonly used non-destructive testing methods for heavy steel castings include ultrasonic flaw detection UT, magnetic particle flaw detection MT, X-ray inspection, and dye detection, etc.
Ultrasonic flaw detection has high sensitivity and can detect small internal defects. Magnetic particle flaw detection can find defects such as cracks, folds, porosity, etc., and can visually display the shape, size and location of defects.
Each flaw detection method is not universal, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and has its own suitable field. In the process of steel casting quality inspection, we should use multiple detection methods together in order to truly achieve the purpose of detection.
strict nondestructive flaw detection for heavy casting, CHAENG
Picture: CHAENG is making non-destructive testing for castings
CHAENG has advanced digital ultrasonic flaw detectors, multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detectors and other flaw detection equipment for non-destructive flaw detection of heavy steel castings to ensure the internal and external quality of steel castings.
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