Summary of some faults of coal vertical mill
2020-07-29 | Editor:
In order to ensure the yield and the finished product quality of vertical coal mill, some failure problems in the operation of the mill must be understood:

1.Excessive coal spillage

This is a dangerous situation. A large amount of coal overflow will block the discharge of stone coal, which will accumulate in the hot air chamber and cause the hidden danger of fire in the mill. At the same time, it will damage the slag removal device and block the hot air from entering the mill body.

Solution: timely adjust the inlet and outlet control system of the vertical coal mill, and adjust the air intake inside the vertical mill and the height of the vertical mill retaining ring.

2.The vertical mill continues to run when the outlet temperature is lower than the specified value

This is a dangerous working condition. If the coal is not sufficiently dried, it will be adsorbed inside the vertical mill and the pulverized coal pipe, which will block the pulverized coal pipe or cause the vertical mill and the pulverized coal pipe to catch fire. 

Solution: Reduce the coal feed rate, maintain the outlet temperature, and re-check the ventilation control system.

3.The vertical mill runs under conditions where the outlet temperature is higher than the specified value

This is a dangerous working condition. The high outlet temperature drives the volatile ingredients to escape from the coal, thereby increasing the potential for fire. The specified value of the outlet temperature of the vertical mill should be determined according to the characteristics of the coal. 

Solution: Check whether the hot air damper is faulty; close the hot air door in time and stop mill for repair.

vertical mill for coal grinding

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